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I stumbled across this interesting post on the Freelance Switch blog and it got me to thinking about my own writing. You see, when I am not doing assignments for school or thinking about ways to make myself more marketable in my future career, I avidly write fiction- short stories, novels, etc. I am loath to call them romance novels, however, even though they all involve some kind of love story. Romance novels, get such a bad rap, you see, and my stories are different– they help separate me from the world and give me a small sense of peace.

Plus, I just really like to write, and thus this post spoke to me because while I’m busy with school, I always despair about not having time to do my own writing. Thanks to Martha Retallick’s post “Finding Time to Write,” I realized how much writing I actually do! I text all day, I write these blog posts, I do my assignments, and if I’m lucky, I write in a journal or on napkins or on scrap pieces of paper.

So once again, Martha, thank you for your words of wisdom. They are mollifying in my busy life that doesn’t allow me to write my stories. At least I’m writing something.


Last summer I took over my mother’s social media position at Good Clean Love. We were in serious need of a social media makeover and I was up for the challenge. My predecessor showed me some basics, but mostly it became a DIY project. Social media is the “new thing” for public relations and will continue to grow. Every company wants an online presence since so many potential customers are online now. Facebook has more than 400 million users.

Although mastery of ¬†Facebook won’t be conducive to instant success (and may not even be the right forum for certain companies), learning how to use it successfully will be useful for many different online ventures you take on. Below is my list of 5 tips for running Facebook fan pages successfully.

Facebook Fan Pages:

1) Consider target audiences- How many do you have? Who are you trying to reach?

2) Posts- Mix it up (news, advice, quotes, product promotions) to encourage discussion

3) Timing- Post a couple times a day, at least, but don’t post too often. Just like you get annoyed at those people who change their statuses all the time, no one wants to see a company update it’s status all the time.

4) Ask Questions- Take a Facebook fanpage poll of your users to see what their favorite content is and what they want to see on the site.

5) Promote your Page- Facebook ads are easy to get and fairly cheap to upkeep. You can select a variety of criteria to those you’re targeting in order to really reach your Target audience!

So there you have it. My little DIY guide to running a successful Facebook fanpage. Check out next week’s guide to utilizing Twitter successfully! Below is a list of some of my favorite fan pages.

Numi Tea

Pangea Organics

GivesMeHope (GMH)

I’m in the midst of midterms this week and life is feeling really crazy and hectic and entirely unmanageable. I feel like all of my responsibilities are consuming me and even though I know I’ll get that video made and I know I’ll get through my planning presentation on Wednesday and my 2nd midterm tomorrow, I’m still feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, when I was looking through a list of blogs we could respond to I found this one on Copy Blogger.

First off, thank you Julie Roads for your wonderful advice about what to do when feeling stressed. Her blog post entitled “How to Get Free When You’re Feeling Stuck and Scared” seemed incredibly timely. Although her advice was written for public relations professionals, I felt as if it could be applied to anything.

Some of the tips she offered included: Taking yourself out of the equation (as in removing yourself from your perceived reality and looking at the situation objectively), Calm down, Trying something new (Like if something isn’t working, take a different approach) and asking for help. We’re not expected to do it all by ourselves and asking for help takes courage.

However, what I liked most about this blog was her utilization of a real-life experience. When a chickadee got trapped in her office, she helped to free it, even though she and the bird were both freaking out. Roads explains that “She recognized her self-inflicted entrapment” and later, when she freed the bird, “the joy of its freedom.” Later, when the bird crapped on her window, she forgave her, saying “sometimes this stuff scares the crap out of me, too.”

So everyone, if you’re struggling about mountains of paperwork, class assignments or anything else, take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be okay. Thanks again for the wisdom Julie Roads.

So, let me explain another part of my assignment. We must choose a blog post from a list provided for us and then respond to it, thus applying it to what we are writing about in our own blogs. So here it goes…

This week, I read this post called “Why Should I Work For You, Dude?” from Firm Voice- a blog specifically written for and about PR firms. For a little background info, the blog post talked about how it’s equally difficult for firms giving graduates from Generation Y jobs to keep these graduates because they feel so entitled. (Me, being from Gen Y, has heard this accusation and thus I felt like I could easily relate to it).

The other part of the blog I liked so much was the focus on PR firms. I liked knowing that these firms want really good talent and want to keep this talent, as well. I will attest for my generation that we aren’t known for our loyalty- to many things that don’t have anything to do with our professional lives. I could sympathize with these heads of firms who do want to know how to keep their talent.

In the end, I thought the post had some good suggestions for a stricter employer-employee contract- one that included benefits for both parties, one that could appease them both. This can easily be applied to nearly any relationship we have in life. In the end, that’s what we’re all looking for- people who are worth keeping and reasons to stay.

I was intrigued when I got assigned to keep a blog throughout my Strategic Communications class this spring term 2010. Here was a chance for me to actually start and keep a blog continuing, even if it does only last for the next seven weeks. However, that was not the first thought I had when the assignment was announced; rather, I thought, “Now I finally get to write a How-To column!”

Let me back track a little to the inspiration behind the how-to. One of my favorite romantic comedies is “How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days” starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. For a brief synopsis, Kate Hudson’s character Andie Anderson writes the How-To column for this huge women’s magazine based off the likes of Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) is a top advertising agent who makes a bet with his ad team in order to get a pitch. Andie and Ben meet, each with a different agenda, and sparks fly. Of course, they live happily ever after in the end.

After seeing this movie, I decided that I could apply the How-to column to various PR topics, including environmental PR, international PR, and sports PR, amongst others. It will be fun and challenging to see how many different types of how to’s I can write.

Wish me luck and please, send me any ideas you may have!