How-To: Avoid Corporate Social Responsibility (A Response Post)

Posted: 2010/05/31 in Current Issues, Environmentalism, Public Relations, Social Media
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Last week I came up with a few ways to do your part in helping the Gulf deal with the BP Oil disaster. Since I wrote that post, I noticed that this blog post was published on Kelli’s LinkyLove account and so I thought it was fitting to follow it up from last week. Way to stay current, right?

To date, at least 18 million gallons of oil have spilled; worst case scenario, 39 million have spilled. BP has developed a top kill system in order to stop the spill, although they have had problems with mud leaking along with the crude oil. If the top kill fails, BP has some other potential tricks to test. However, even though Obama has put new restrictions on drilling, the problem is far from solved.

Lately, the big issue has been the fake Twitter account @bpglobalpr, which started just a few days ago, and after 50 tweets had more than 13,000 followers, more than double @BP_America, the real Twitter account. Even more strange, BP has done nothing to respond to the tweets from the fake account, besides saying that people are frustrated and entitled to their own opinion.

The PR community is amazed at how poorly BP has handled its crisis management. According to this blog, BP was not transparent, did not control the photos that ended up on the Internet, nor did they act like apologetic, concerned corporate citizens. However, the same article illuminated the fact that no oil spill has ever been well seen to PR-wise. I would guess that when you make a mistake as large as that one, it’s easier to run and hide than actually deal with the consequences, even if that’s exactly what’s needed.

  1. maziarworld says:

    Now it needs to give a Franc Zappa, thereby he to compose a song : Oil on the water, corruption in Sky die on the beach.

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