How-to Prepare for the Future Now (A Response Post)

Posted: 2010/05/18 in J452, Public Relations, Social Media
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The Future. These two scary words have been on my mind all day  today… gnawing at me, and I had one of those small anxiety attacks that I’m sure all college students have when they’re on the cusp of graduating… I don’t know exactly what I want to do when I graduate. Granted, I have about eight months or so, at least, before I even have to start thinking about graduating, but still, it happens when I’m about to sign up for next term’s classes.

Right now, I know I’m getting a degree in PR and maybe possibly a Master’s in teaching. After that, I have no idea. I mean, how do you even prepare for The Future as a PR student? Luckily, my professor posted this link to this great blog post on the Spinks Blog about things that a college student can do now to get a foot in the door.

Some of these tips included networking on sites like LinkedIn, attending conferences and other events, getting mentorships and doing a ton of writing. However, what I liked most about this post was how laid-back it all was. David Spinks merely gave some great tips and then tipped us off that some of these (or none at all) may work for us. We have to make our own way in the world and that’s perfectly okay.

So thank you, Mr. Spinks for your timely commentary. Your tips are much appreciated.

  1. David Spinks says:

    So happy you found the tips valuable. It really should be laid back. You shouldn’t get too stressed out. Just know, the more you do now, the better off you’ll be. The more you network, the more you write, the more you get out there and start trying, the easier your transition will be.

    Don’t stress out too much about what you want to do either. Quite often, it will fall into place. If it doesn’t, you approach whatever opportunities you have at the time, with an open mind. You never know…you might end up loving a field you never even thought about. At the very least, your experience there will guide you, and open up more opportunities for the future.

    And again…the more you do, and try, now, the easier it will be to narrow down exactly what you want to do, and the more options you’ll have come graduation.

    Good luck!


    • astrgar26 says:


      Thank you again not only for the post but for the kind reply. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear of having to know now exactly what you want to do. It’s nice that people are out there telling me what I already know… That everything will be okay.

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