How-to Find Time to Write (A Response Post)

Posted: 2010/05/09 in Uncategorized
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I stumbled across this interesting post on the Freelance Switch blog and it got me to thinking about my own writing. You see, when I am not doing assignments for school or thinking about ways to make myself more marketable in my future career, I avidly write fiction- short stories, novels, etc. I am loath to call them romance novels, however, even though they all involve some kind of love story. Romance novels, get such a bad rap, you see, and my stories are different– they help separate me from the world and give me a small sense of peace.

Plus, I just really like to write, and thus this post spoke to me because while I’m busy with school, I always despair about not having time to do my own writing. Thanks to Martha Retallick’s post “Finding Time to Write,” I realized how much writing I actually do! I text all day, I write these blog posts, I do my assignments, and if I’m lucky, I write in a journal or on napkins or on scrap pieces of paper.

So once again, Martha, thank you for your words of wisdom. They are mollifying in my busy life that doesn’t allow me to write my stories. At least I’m writing something.


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