How to Free Yourself From Anything (A Response Post)

Posted: 2010/05/03 in Uncategorized
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I’m in the midst of midterms this week and life is feeling really crazy and hectic and entirely unmanageable. I feel like all of my responsibilities are consuming me and even though I know I’ll get that video made and I know I’ll get through my planning presentation on Wednesday and my 2nd midterm tomorrow, I’m still feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, when I was looking through a list of blogs we could respond to I found this one on Copy Blogger.

First off, thank you Julie Roads for your wonderful advice about what to do when feeling stressed. Her blog post entitled “How to Get Free When You’re Feeling Stuck and Scared” seemed incredibly timely. Although her advice was written for public relations professionals, I felt as if it could be applied to anything.

Some of the tips she offered included: Taking yourself out of the equation (as in removing yourself from your perceived reality and looking at the situation objectively), Calm down, Trying something new (Like if something isn’t working, take a different approach) and asking for help. We’re not expected to do it all by ourselves and asking for help takes courage.

However, what I liked most about this blog was her utilization of a real-life experience. When a chickadee got trapped in her office, she helped to free it, even though she and the bird were both freaking out. Roads explains that “She recognized her self-inflicted entrapment” and later, when she freed the bird, “the joy of its freedom.” Later, when the bird crapped on her window, she forgave her, saying “sometimes this stuff scares the crap out of me, too.”

So everyone, if you’re struggling about mountains of paperwork, class assignments or anything else, take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be okay. Thanks again for the wisdom Julie Roads.

  1. Julie Roads says:

    You are so welcome! Wishing you the best of luck with your mid-terms – and everything else!!!

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