How-to: Facebook Fan Pages (Your Most Basic Guide)

Posted: 2010/05/03 in Uncategorized
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Last summer I took over my mother’s social media position at Good Clean Love. We were in serious need of a social media makeover and I was up for the challenge. My predecessor showed me some basics, but mostly it became a DIY project. Social media is the “new thing” for public relations and will continue to grow. Every company wants an online presence since so many potential customers are online now. Facebook has more than 400 million users.

Although mastery of  Facebook won’t be conducive to instant success (and may not even be the right forum for certain companies), learning how to use it successfully will be useful for many different online ventures you take on. Below is my list of 5 tips for running Facebook fan pages successfully.

Facebook Fan Pages:

1) Consider target audiences- How many do you have? Who are you trying to reach?

2) Posts- Mix it up (news, advice, quotes, product promotions) to encourage discussion

3) Timing- Post a couple times a day, at least, but don’t post too often. Just like you get annoyed at those people who change their statuses all the time, no one wants to see a company update it’s status all the time.

4) Ask Questions- Take a Facebook fanpage poll of your users to see what their favorite content is and what they want to see on the site.

5) Promote your Page- Facebook ads are easy to get and fairly cheap to upkeep. You can select a variety of criteria to those you’re targeting in order to really reach your Target audience!

So there you have it. My little DIY guide to running a successful Facebook fanpage. Check out next week’s guide to utilizing Twitter successfully! Below is a list of some of my favorite fan pages.

Numi Tea

Pangea Organics

GivesMeHope (GMH)


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