How-to Work With Those Giving You Jobs (A Response Post)

Posted: 2010/04/27 in Uncategorized
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So, let me explain another part of my assignment. We must choose a blog post from a list provided for us and then respond to it, thus applying it to what we are writing about in our own blogs. So here it goes…

This week, I read this post called “Why Should I Work For You, Dude?” from Firm Voice- a blog specifically written for and about PR firms. For a little background info, the blog post talked about how it’s equally difficult for firms giving graduates from Generation Y jobs to keep these graduates because they feel so entitled. (Me, being from Gen Y, has heard this accusation and thus I felt like I could easily relate to it).

The other part of the blog I liked so much was the focus on PR firms. I liked knowing that these firms want really good talent and want to keep this talent, as well. I will attest for my generation that we aren’t known for our loyalty- to many things that don’t have anything to do with our professional lives. I could sympathize with these heads of firms who do want to know how to keep their talent.

In the end, I thought the post had some good suggestions for a stricter employer-employee contract- one that included benefits for both parties, one that could appease them both. This can easily be applied to nearly any relationship we have in life. In the end, that’s what we’re all looking for- people who are worth keeping and reasons to stay.


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