Behind the Scenes of Ana’s How-To

Posted: 2010/04/14 in Uncategorized
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I was intrigued when I got assigned to keep a blog throughout my Strategic Communications class this spring term 2010. Here was a chance for me to actually start and keep a blog continuing, even if it does only last for the next seven weeks. However, that was not the first thought I had when the assignment was announced; rather, I thought, “Now I finally get to write a How-To column!”

Let me back track a little to the inspiration behind the how-to. One of my favorite romantic comedies is “How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days” starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. For a brief synopsis, Kate Hudson’s character Andie Anderson writes the How-To column for this huge women’s magazine based off the likes of Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) is a top advertising agent who makes a bet with his ad team in order to get a pitch. Andie and Ben meet, each with a different agenda, and sparks fly. Of course, they live happily ever after in the end.

After seeing this movie, I decided that I could apply the How-to column to various PR topics, including environmental PR, international PR, and sports PR, amongst others. It will be fun and challenging to see how many different types of how to’s I can write.

Wish me luck and please, send me any ideas you may have!


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